Following your Passion – In Life, Work, Love

Following your Passion – In Life, Work, Love

I’ve always believed in the concept of following your passion – in life, in work, in love…

Easier said than done.  It helps to know what you feel passionate about, and I find that, although I enjoy and appreciate so many things, I am not always totally clear about what really ‘turns me on.’  Sometimes passion exists only in a brief moment, or it takes a hiatus, or slips into the back seat while economic necessity or logistics drive my life.

(I am aware of those who believe you can always live from passion, and also those who believe you can do anything with passion and commitment, but while both views have merit, they are, for me, sometimes philosophical exercises, instead of my daily reality.)

When I am living my passion there is a sense of aliveness, of deeper purpose at a higher, more meaningful level.  I may not even realize I’ve been ‘out‘ of passion until some experience reminds me what it feels like to be ‘in’ it.

The feeling is incredible.  I see the difference in my work.  Sometimes I’ll be helping a client, and I know I’m doing what needs to be done, but I don’t feel that sense of communion with my higher purpose.  It is just a job.

Then there are times when there is magic in a session. My words flow effortlessly and communicate the right information at the right time, in a way that the client is able to really ‘get’ what we discuss. We both feel energized, and I know I have truly touched their life, helping them to see things from a different perspective; opening up the realm of possibility – for both of us.

I ask myself why I don’t always have that sense of fulfillment, and part of the answer is that I am not always doing the type of work that is my passion. So I must do what I coach clients to do – discover what they (I) really want, by creating awareness as to what it is that generates those feelings of excitement, aliveness, meaning and purpose. Once identified, the next step is to create an action plan that will maximize the opportunities for passion in their (my) life.

The goal is to look at what is working for you, and what isn’t, then to decide what you can do to open your life to the magic that happens when living with passion.  (Note:  Passion doesn’t have to be exhausting, it can be the quiet passion of spending time doing what you value; what brings you joy.)

I’ve done this exercise many times (although not always with awareness and intent), and I will repeat it throughout my life.  Kind of a reality check as to where I am on the path of self-fulfillment.  Sometimes the action plan is huge – change a job, get married, raise a child, divorce, move, go back to school. Sometimes it is simpler – set aside time each week for doing something you love or take a dream destination vacation.

I want to live my life with passion and joy, and I choose to do whatever I can to make that happen.