This continues my post about how to bridge the gap between knowing what you should/want/need to get done and the reality of what you are actually accomplishing!

  • Take Breaks & Take Time for Self-Care – Avoid ‘overbooking,’  Often less IS more. Especially when you have things to do in the evening or over the weekend. Leave time between Task-Appointments (if you work for 20 minutes, take a 5-10 minute break, then a longer break every two hours or so). Get up and MOVE (keeps the energy flowing). This is easy to forget when in hyper-focus mode, where we can work for hours on something because we are so caught up in it. Try to remember the law of diminishing returns (and ask yourself what is not getting done that is also important.
Stop and Savor the Flowers by Susan Lasky

Stop and Savor the Flowers by Susan Lasky

SELF-CARE is often the first thing to go when we feel there is too much to do.  Yet self-care provides the physical AND mental energy to accomplish more.  Think about it – how much more productive are you after a good night’s SLEEP?

We know that EXERCISE boosts our body chemistry so we are more functional (and often a lot less ‘hyper’ or ‘antsy’).  DRINK a lot of water (hydrate).  SNACK on fruit or have a protein shake.  A quick NAP or MEDITATION can be super-restorative. Science is proving that time spent OUTSIDE in greenery enhances our mood.

We NEED and DESERVE to ENJOY ourselves.  Take a break to play with your kids or your dog (laughter totally energizes).  Have lunch with friends or make some private time with a partner, and you’ll usually get MORE done (with fewer feelings of deprivation or annoyance at having to do the work in the first place!).

  • Start Small – When you are REALLY stuck, just open the notebook or file and put pen to paper or fingers to keypad.  Pull out a folder and skim the papers.  Make a list of what you think you should be doing.  Sometimes, all it takes is a minimal start to trigger our brains to become involved with something we’ve been avoiding.  And remember how good it feels to get something done!


Want to know more?  Ask about my program, “Get Out of Your Own Way: The 7-Step PowerPlan to Success.”

I’m curious. What do YOU find helps to get things done?

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