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Hi, I’m Susan Lasky, and I am so glad you found me.

Let me help you to be more productive and less stressed. You can stop the struggle, get out of your own way and get things done, and I’ll show you how.

Learn practical strategies that work with the way YOU think. This is especially critical if you have ADD/ADHD, or are a lot better at coming up with ideas than you are at getting them accomplished!

Discover new ways to self-motivate and take control of your time, priorities, paperwork, projects, attitude, space and stuff. Together, we’ll explore how to best clarify and accomplish goals, reduce stress, renew energy and transform the way you think, work and live!

Why me?  I totally understand your struggles and, with almost 25 years as a productivity coach, professional organizer and master ADHD strategist, I can help you succeed.

ADHD/ADD & EFD Coaching Personal Productivity Coaching Office Organizing                     Home/Life/Family Organizing  

*ADD & ADHD both refer to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; EFD refers to Executive Function Disorder, or challenges with EF.

Ready to change life as you know it?

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I promise.

Learn to Work With YOUR Unique Way of Thinking

ADD/ADHD & EFD Coaching and Consulting

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Executive Function Challenges*
  • Self-Motivation/Regulation
  • Chronic Disorganization
  • Workplace and Study Skills

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Gain Strategies to Self-Motivate & Get Things Done

Personal Productivity Coaching and Consulting

  • Time and Project Management
  • Setting Goals and Priorities
  • Self-Care and Work/Life Balance
  • Relationships/Communication
  • Career Development

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Create Systems So You Can Work Smarter – Not Harder

Workplace Systems and Organization

  • Office Organization
  • Systems and Procedures
  • File Management – Both Paper & Electronic
  • Managing Information
  • Expediting Workflow

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Organization for the Way YOU Live and Think!

Home/Life/Family Organization

  • Household Systems
  • Family Records
  • Space Maximization & Decluttering
  • Calendars and Schedules
  • Manage Paper, Mail & Bills

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Ready to change life as you know it?

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