Client Success Stories

open_quoteSusan is a wealth of knowledge and strategies, but more importantly, she expertly customizes to meet my needs.  She listens closely and asks questions that help me understand myself differently (and more compassionately!), and that generate solutions drawing on my strengths.  Moreover, she never judges me (though she consistently encourages me to strive) and she knows when and how to share her own experiences of living with ADHD to both destigmatize it and to help me generate functional strategies to address my particular challenges.  I usually feel more capable and motivated after speaking with Susan. She is the living embodiment of what she sells.

Kim Sumner-Mayer

open_quoteI hired Susan as I was starting a new business and thus adding a lot of work to an already overwhelming workload. Susan quickly showed me how to organize not only my workspace but my thinking about my various goals and tasks. She enabled me to identify when I was getting overwhelmed and set a path to get my life back under control. As a result of working with Susan, I have successfully launched my new business and am juggling my many interests without burning out.close_quote
Gayle Watkins

Owner, Gaylan's Golden Retrievers

open_quoteI worked with Susan for about a year on a regular basis. She helped me to see aspects of my behavior and habits that I had not previously recognized or understood. Fifteen years later, I am still using techniques I learned from her. It has given me a greater sense of control over my life. I often wish I’d had this kind of focused help when I was young. Just think of all those years of misplacing things, failing to meet deadlines and accumulating piles of papers that could have been prevented!

I have always had a very active work, social and extra-curricular life. But, before I met Susan, things were always out of balance. My pattern was to focus on a few aspects of my life, then shift my focus to another few and so on. Any aspects of my life that I wasn’t currently focusing on would get none of my attention, and I just hoped that no crises would arise in those areas before I turned my attention to them.

close_quoteSusan helped me to set up systems that enabled me to keep track of what needed to be done. I developed a structure to my life so I could keep enough on top of everything that it was no longer necessary to procrastinate.

Sarah Conover

Director, Global CTI Network


Susan has been a trusted adviser to me for well over a decade. Among her many outstanding qualities, she is an excellent listener who takes the time to understand her client’s goals, both business and personal.  She then helps develop strategies as to how to achieve them, and move forward to the next level.  Susan has really made a difference in my life, and I highly recommend her.close_quote

John Gassner

Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships , New York Road Runners


Susan changed my life by teaching me the methods and strategies of organization that now apply to every aspect of my life. I first hired Susan Lasky for home organization that had such a positive impact on my lifestyle, we moved forward and over to my business. I consider Susan to be an “organizational shrink.” I’ve learned to compartmentalize my tasks so they get done – especially helpful on the days I really don’t ‘feel’ like working (I can tolerate almost anything in 15 minute segments). If you’re willing to adjust your mindset and close_quotediligently apply the tools and techniques that she provides—get ready for some real peace of mind! I continue to recommend Susan to many friends and colleagues.

Nancy Beltrandi

Owner, Beauty Be, Inc.


Susan Lasky has been a godsend for our family. Her calm, warm, empathic demeanor and her vast personal and professional knowledge of the challenges of ADHD mitigated a great deal of my daughter’s and my anxiety.

Susan completely “gets it” in that she knows how ADHD can wreak havoc on the self-esteem of the individual who has been diagnosed, as well as on family members who become frustrated in their well-meaning but often uninformed efforts to support that individual. Susan worked with my daughter both at home and at school and provided clear, readily understandable, specific strategies that enabled her to approach her tasks in a mindful, step-by-step manner. Thanks to her work with Susan, my daughter is seeing herself as someone who is not “damaged” or “broken”, but simply as someone whose brain works in a particular way, and requires a particular approach in order to function at its best.

close_quoteAs a parent who has witnessed my own child’s struggles with ADHD, and as an educator with 25 years of classroom teaching experience who has witnessed similar struggles of my students with this diagnosis, I know how critical it is to find a professional who is highly qualified to work this population. In my opinion, Susan Lasky’s credentials and her experience make her an outstanding choice for you and your family.

Meredith J. English

Parent and Educator


I had the opportunity to interview Susan Lasky as a guest on my show. What a delight! Her knowledge and experience in this subject matter is un-matched, which comes through in this powerful interview that I’ve listened to several times. Each time I pick up a new nugget of information that will help me personally with my productivity and organizational needs, in both my personal life and business.

If anyone is looking for a speaker or coach in this arena, stop here. Susan’s the expert.

For you who may want to enjoy this powerful interview that’s packed with helpful insight, below is the link:—productivity-organization—helping-people-who-feel-overworked-overwhelmed.html  close_quote

Penelope Cox

Radio Host, The Educator Connector - Connecting entrepreneurs/small businesses


Susan is an extremely talented productivity coach. I’ve worked with Susan on several projects that require her to manage multiple clients, often with competing objectives, each with significant challenges.

Susan excels in these complicated projects using her ability to tease out the larger picture through the mental and physical clutter and building a level of trust with her clients that ensures her place as a partner in facing their challenges. She is a strong communicator, extremely detail oriented, with the sensitivity, tenacity and common sense that are required in transforming a client’s behavior to enable them to function independently and effectively.

As an interior decorator, I can appreciate that in organizational and productivity requirements, function trumps close_quoteform. However, Susan also has a keen sense of aesthetics and is familiar with a wide array of products on the market, enabling her to present the most elegant solutions to her clients. I am extremely impressed with Susan’s style and her results and would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Joanna Cohlan

Interior Decorator and Home Stager, Fresh Eyes for Your Home


During, and after even our first session, I felt the energy begin to shift around areas in my home and life that I have felt were too difficult to impact for long periods of time – months and years.

I felt a sense of being heard, or understood, without my having to explain or articulate in full, because Susan ‘got it.’  Therefore, since I felt I wasn’t being judged, I could talk about my life and show her areas of my home that I felt a great deal of shame and guilt about. When we visited those piles, I felt the energy around them shift and begin to clear when we attended to them.  I felt in this session that it was a beginning full of hope, the promise of light coming into areas of my home and life where I had felt overwhelmed and apathetic.

close_quoteI felt a positive sense of empowerment, that I was taking back control. Susan was warm, straight-forward and kind in the process and I was grateful to have her in my home and to look forward to the prospect of working together to clear more stagnant places in my life and in my daily patterns. Thank you!

Linsay Cochran


Your advice ended up helping me a lot in the past months. I worked hard last semester, but everything turned out really well, mostly due to strategies you recommended. I feel a lot more confident about getting things accomplished now.

The systems really made a difference when I had three term papers, a thesis proposal, everyday schoolwork, a job, and various social… engagements (for lack of a better word).  I learned how to take the big tasks that hover ominously over my head, ruining my day, and break those big tasks into smaller doable items that I could put in my planner.

Even the idea to schedule breaks to eat, do fun things, or relax was also extremely helpful to me because before I used to just expect to work all day, then get frustrated and not work, but still not let myself have fun since I thought I should have been working.  I used to end up just doing nothing. Now I get the tasks on my list done, so I even have a good attitude about doing things like going back to the computer lab for the millionth time that week.

This system is even helping me think about what I need to do so I can go on to bigger things, now that I’m graduating in December.  Thanks again, Susan!close_quote

Benji Himmelfarb



I have not met many people who understand the ADHD mind with Susan Lasky’s clarity and compassion. We co-founded CHADD of New York City back in 1989, when there was little information available on ADD. Over the years, she has made an immense difference in the lives of so many people who have, live or work withclose_quote ADHD, through her writing, speaking, coaching and advocacy. I recommend her coaching and organizing services without reservation.

Harold Meyer

President and Managing Director, The ADD Resource Center


I have used Susan Lasky’s services for both personal and professional needs. I originally hired Susan to help to organize a very cluttered home office. She knew exactly what solutions we needed and made it so simple to impleclose_quotement and maintain them. I have continued to use Susan for various projects since then and highly recommend her.

Betsy Kent

President & Business Owner, Be Visible


Susan helped make the impossible possible! She helped me to organize my life and calm my chaotic mind. My journey to learning how to truly accept myself began the day of our first coaching session. My difficulties with even the seemingly simple day-to-day tasks of time management and reaching goals had led to really low self-esteem.

Writing a paper in grad school or doing a report for my job was torture – the way that everyone does it didn’t work for me. I knew I was different, and searched websites and organization books for almost 2 years trying different strategies, but nothing worked until I found coaching.

The feeling that I had after my first session with Susan was one that I can’t explain. When she talked it was like she was inside my head, because she was so able to help me figure out what worked for me!!! She took the time, and had the expertise, to help me think outside the box to problem-solve my challenges and come up with solutions that were individually good for me. For the first time I had a plan/system that I could actually use. I no longer feel like I am falling apart or stressed all of the time, but that I can be organized and happy in a creative way. She helped me to take control of ADHD, and even use it to my advantage.

With coaching I have learned how to manage my time better and have enjoyed a better life. It is a lot of work to put these systems into place, but the feeling when I accomplish something feels so good. I now know what I am going to do and how to get it done. I am able to plan my day in creative ways that work for me. Coaching has enabled me to start accepting myself in so many ways. It no longer feels like something is wrong with me because I can’t do simple things – I feel empowered. Thank you, Susan – you helped change my life!    close_quote

Maria Scazzero

Community Resource Specialist, Resource Hunter of New York City Social Services


I knew of Susan Lasky’s wonderful qualifications, but after a month of coaching with her, I am realizing more and more how important this work has been. Our sessions are always so positive, uplifting & her observations & advice are so very on-target. Susan has given me a very special, unique point of view regarding my job search & my life in general. I give her my highest recommendation. close_quote

Rick Savadow

Print & Direct Marketing Production Management, Outsourcing


You got me moving – literally and metaphorically (lost 42 pounds).   In the short time that you and I have talked, I’ve jumped leagues, making vast improvements in my lifestyle and thinking, and even the way I comport myself at work. You encouraged me to get the ball rolling, realign my focus and harness my energy. I’m now committed to goals I never realized I had – I would have remained a drone!

Sometimes you only do things when you’re sick and tired about being sick and tired. I have been a master at forgetting why I’m happy, but I am now taking steps forward into a successful series of choices. This is where I look inwards and ask myself what it is I really want. You have shown me the tools needed to direct my exploration, and I’m seeing a ripple effect – doing anything that makes a difference in one area affects everything!

close_quoteIt isn’t easy. I constantly put the tools down, pick them up, put them down and pick them up again. It has helped to hear how you and your other clients must continually work to master the struggle – surely I can do this too. Self reflection over – time to act.

Harry Baker


You might not recognize our house.  It was actually presentable for our neighborhood ‘holiday party’ last Friday.  That was also an inspiration to get it done.  But we did it methodically – not by making more chaos in boxes hidden away.

Following your suggestions, I spent about a week on the main parts of the house – with the family’s help. The most important thing, I think, that happened is that we were ‘all on the same page’. We no longer any need to debate whether we need to label boxes, or what things should go into them. ‘Like with like’ (based on how they are used!).

close_quoteMy desk is quite clear – most papers have been organized and put away (or tossed).

This has been a cathartic event. Will email again.  With pics.  Thanks so much!  We’re on our way.

Karen Trovato, PhD


Wow!!!! That’s the feedback I got from my Vendors & Sponsors who listened in on my Sales Vendor/Business Training Call taught by Susan, which covered Sales Strategies, Communication and Mindset. Susan went close_quoteabove and beyond, and everyone left the call more knowledgeable. As a business coach and motivational speaker she was wonderful, I look forward to working with Susan again in the near future, she was such a pleasure!

Chereese Jervis-Hill

President & Founder, Events To Remember


Thanks, Susan Lasky, for the inspired and highly informative workshop on Executive Function you gave to our local NAPO group (National Association of Professional Organizers). I now have a deeper understanding about why so many of my clients have challenges with organization, time management, decision-making, goal-setting, prioritization, getting started and follow-through.

You demystified a complicated topic and gave all of us concrete suggestions that we can use to help our clients succeed. I still can’t get over how much I learned from that workshop and have USED since then, to the benefit of both my clients and myself!! Your research and presentation were top notch, and worthy of a national conference. I am so grateful that you took the time to so thoroughly and thoughtfully share your wisdom and knowledge with us!  close_quote

Jocelyn Kenner

Professional Organizer, See Your Way Clear


Susan gave an excellent presentation at the first BusinessPink Seminar and Networking Luncheon. She divulged many creative yet practical tips on how to manage paper and email and all other demands on your close_quotetime so that you can spend your energy on the things you want to, not just dealing with what others have thrown at you!

Jane F. Collen

Counsel, Collen IP Intellectual Property PC

open_quoteOn behalf of the Westchester-Rockland Chapter of the ICF, I want to thank you, for a well received presentation on “Working with the Highly Disorganized Client”. Your discussion of the challenges and resulting work related problems faced by this type of client were most enlightening. The suggestions for the process of coaching, and developing strategies that address a variety of client needs were very pragmatic. As a result of your presentation we have gained useful tools that we can integrate into our coaching as well as the ability to distinguish close_quotewhen a client requires specialized coaching for organization problems. It is a complicated topic and the clarity of your presentation and handout were much appreciated.  We are most grateful to have you as a resource to our community.
Marcia Grubel

President, Westchester-Rockland Chapter ICF 200


Thanks again for your being a guest on my show.  I just wanted to take minute to rave about one of the many ingenious ideas you shared during the interview –see-through plastic folders in a magazine file. Love it!!!!

I usually have everything all over my desk, since out of sight, out of mind. I tried so many systems but none solved my problem.  So, last week I instituted your filing system…A DREAM!!!! Will even be using it at home.

If something is a priority, I move the folder to the front so that I can work on that first. When the job is completed and the folder is empty, I place it in another magazine file on the opposite side of my desk until I have another task to put in it. Then it is returned to the active project file.  Still setting up the folders.  Didn’t realize I had so many tasks until I  implemented your system. Another eye opener.  Thanks, Susan.     close_quote

Sharon Latimer-Mosley

Cable TV Host, LMC-TV

open_quoteI am enjoying school for the first time in my life!  I also am not overwhelmed like I used to be.  Experiencing life now, I don’t know how I lived with all of that anxiety.  The general quality of my life has improved drastically.

I just wanted to let you know that last week I got my first paper back and after meeting with my Prof to review it, she said that I got the highest score in the class and that it was a great paper!  I’ve never heard that before from anyone!  Additionally, in working with an academic advisor, he reviewed a paper I did for one of my classes and he said that it was well written and that I am a good writer.  I now believe that I can write and that I am not as stupid as I thought.  Hopefully at the end of the semester I will completely believe that I am not stupid at all, haha.

Thank you again for your help and support.  It obviously made a world of a difference!  Hope all is well.close_quote

Sandra Spennato

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