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Stop Procrastinating – And Get Stuff Done!

Frustrated and Overwhelmed?

Despite being very accomplished!

…Are you upset that some really important tasks never make it off your ‘to-do’ list?

…So busy putting out fires and meeting deadlines that there’s little time to grow your business?

…Frustrated that you know WHAT you need, or want to do, but the challenge is getting it done?

…Tired of waiting for that burst of inspiration or block of free time that rarely happens?

…Fed up with telling yourself, “I’ll get around to it,” but sadly, you don’t!

Now there’s a way to finally GET AROUND TO IT – and it’s FUN!

  • Write that blog… Finish your book… Edit marketing materials… Make those calls
  • Revise your website… Update your resume… Create new social media profiles
  • Organize your office… Declutter your home… Clear your inbox… Clear your head!
  • Grow your business by expanding your thinking – read those books, practice mindfulness, take a daily walking break

With so many conflicting priorities in our lives we put off projects that are important to us, or begin them, but quickly get distracted when our attention turns to the next shiny object or deadline-driven event.

We all delay things we want to do. You’re not alone, and that’s part of the solution.  Get the momentum going with the support and encouragement of Your Online Action Group, where everyone is as committed to your success and to taking action as you.

Use our simple, but powerful online accountability software to share your progress with your small group and your coach, and get help when you’re stuck.  It’s easy!

The focus is on taking daily baby steps, instead of waiting for that elusive burst of inspiration or the fantasy of available time. Ten minutes in action is better than ten hours thinking you should do something.

Our not-so-secret sauce creates the perfect recipe for moving forward with those long-desired tasks and projects.


You CAN Get Around To It!

Your TUIT Project Accountability Group – 28-Days To Done!


Set Your Goal

At the beginning of each 28-day cycle, you select your project or goal, break it down into action tasks, then begin with the first task. (If this isn’t easy, don’t worry – you’ll have help.)

Each day you spend time focused on just this task.  You decide how long. It might be 30 minutes, but if you don’t think you can spare 30, or even 20 minutes, go for 10. Set a timer. The goal is consistency.  Slow but steady gets it done.

Part of the unique approach of The TUIT Project is learning how effective a very small chunk of time can be.

If you need to skip a day, that’s fine – it’s the awareness, commitment and group accountability that brings you back.

Complete your task? Terrific, just select another that relates to your overall goal and continue the process.

Report Your Progress Online

Each day you’ll answer a few questions about your progress. Our online software is specifically designed for this and works on all platforms (pc or mac, desktop, tablet or phone). If you’re feeling stuck or blocked, say so. We want to help.

Get Support from Others

The other members of your small (no more than 12) group will read your comments and offer support and encouragement.  You’ll do the same for them.  It’s totally confidential for your group only. That’s why it’s Your Online Action Group!

If someone ‘falls off the grid,’ we notice, because the software makes it obvious. We can then reach out.

You’ll also benefit from forums, where members can post questions and comments.

Get additional insight from your coach.  I’ll post helpful tips and InfoSheets you can also download.

PLUS, before we even begin I’ll hold a group webinar to explain the process in detail and show you how to use the software (it’s not complicated!).  There will be two additional calls to support your progress.

At the end of the 28-day cycle, you’ll move into a new group (along with your group members), where you can continue to work on your existing task or begin something new.

BENEFITS of Joining The TUIT Project

  • Instead of focusing on getting it all done, the focus is on making progress. The result? You’ll finally get it done!
  • This is the perfect solution for people who work alone to share their work with others.
  • It’s a way to prioritize those tasks that will make a long-term difference in your life, without interfering with your daily ‘must-do’s’
  • Because you enter your progress (or not) online, answering specific questions, it’s easy to see what gets in the way or where you get stuck. And it’s fun to celebrate your successes.
  • Your group, and your coach, are there to support your efforts in a non-judgmental way – we’re all struggling with our own challenges. And we may have suggestions to help move you forward.
  • By supporting your group members, you are both giving back and becoming more involved in ensuring your own progress… and it feels good!


We’re not looking for perfection, just commitment and progress.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished with this approach.

When feeling blocked (it does happen), your coach and group-mates will offer comments that will help create a new mindset for getting things done, and help keep you focused on your goal.

The reality is, you are working on a task you’ve been avoiding for a long time. Your to-do lists haven’t worked here, because other items have taken priority.  But this is important, and The TUIT Project makes it possible.

When you commit to Your Online Action Group, you are investing in your future. But you’re only withdrawing a limited number of minutes from your time bank, which makes it much more do-able – especially on a daily basis.

Having the support of others, and the accountability of entering your progress online, has been proven to increase the likelihood of actually completing your goal.  Studies show that a would-be author who commits to writing ten minutes a day is more likely to have a published book than the person who waits for those ‘burst-working’ sessions, which rarely happen.

Join a Small Group of Like-Minded People

Who Want to GROW Their Business and CHANGE Their Lives

All of this, for as low as $99

Your Online Action Group  28-Day TUIT Project includes two group coaching support calls and an introductory webinar that explains the program in detail, offers guidance on how to set goals that work, and gives a demo of how to use this really simple software. All of this for only $127. That’s four weeks of support for the equivalent of 30 minutes of individual coaching! And if you miss the calls, don’t worry – they are recorded.

But since I want to encourage a lively, interactive group, I’m also offering a Participation Reward.  Sometimes people sign up for something but don’t join in (maybe finishing an online course is your TUIT Project!).  But the more we post and comment, the stronger the connection, so I encourage you to help create a dynamic group. Just post your progress at least 4 times a week (that’s out of 7 days!), and comment to at least 3 people in your group, at least 4 times a week, and you’ll get a $28 Participation Reward refund, lowering your cost to only $99 for everything!

So Why Stop There?

Your Online Action Group will keep going, so you can keep getting around to those tasks that feel so incredibly good to complete – for both your sense of accomplishment and  your company’s bottom line. Automatic renewal keeps you accountable, but you can cancel before the new session begins.

Real Help for Procrastination, Avoidance and Overwhelm!

About Your Program Coach

susan-lasky-225wSusan Lasky has more than 25 years of experience helping clients achieve their goals.  She is a board-certified coach, a senior-certified ADHD coach, productivity trainer, business consultant and professional organizer.  Susan has created the incredibly effective coaching approach to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Things Done: The 7-Step PowerPlan to Success™.

So Here’s the Bottom Line…  You’ll Like It!

  • Finally take that long-standing, important to-do and cross it off your list – done!
  • Bask in the satisfaction of accomplishment – YES, pat yourself on your back – you’ll have earned it!
  • Help others to do the same
  • Learn how to establish new, positive habits
  • And have fun doing it!

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